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CCC Solutions
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Winter Snow Recreation

Snowpack is crucial to winter recreation, particularly for ski areas. However, snowpack varies year to year and is very difficult for models to successfully predict into the future. CCC has developed projection tools that will allow decade or longer outlooks for a given region's snowpack that sees through the year-to-year noise. Want to plan for the future and stay a viable winter snow recreation company? Contact CCC.


Carlson Climate Consulting is a member of the National Ski Areas Association, the Pacific Northwest Ski Areas Association and Snowsports Industries America.
Summer River Recreation
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State agencies can provide predicted future stream hydrographs as a mountain stream's snowpack reservoir changes. However, these projections do not include changes in the long-term water reservoir that is stored in glaciers and multi-season snowpack. CCC specializes in assessing the future change in these longer-term water resources, knowledge that will help your company adjust to our changing future. 


Do you insure companies that utilize winter snowpack as their core resource? Knowledge of a given company's future viability will be critical for setting premiums and determining at what level a company can be insured. CCC provides this knowledge. 

Energy & Utilities

Baseline flow for hydroelectric power depends many times on late-summer water resources coming from glaciers and multi-season snowpack. How these will change will affect power production schedules, particularly during the summer. CCC's solutions will allow proper adjustment of seasonal hydrographs to reflect changes in this important resource that is overlooked in climate-model based future projections. 

Local Government

State climate agencies often provide climate assessments for the given state. However, these are often only distillations of a national or international product (e.g., United Nations) that was designed to be utilized at that level. In contrast, CCC offers tailor-made climate change projections that utilize not only these large reports but also past climate change at the scale necessary for economic planning by local (city, county) policy makers. Contact CCC to learn more.

Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry

Agriculture, animal husbandry, fisheries and forestry industries rely on summer snowmelt in rivers. These industries need to know how changes in long-term water reservoirs will affect their economy. CCC offers such knowledge that is crucial for the decade-longer success of your industry

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