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Why Choose the CCC Solution?


Do you want to know the future? If you are worried about future snowpack health and its effects on industries reliant upon this important resource, you are not alone. CCC has a unique expertise in addressing your concern. Water resources are the climate issue of our time, according to President Jimmy Carter. Mountain snowpack is the most difficult water resource to predict, but many industries and communities rely upon the snow in the mountains. CCC combines scientific skills in past, present and future changes in snowpack and glaciers to ease your worries and answer your questions


Future projections of snowpack rely exclusively on global general circulation climate models. These models are for the globe and do not accurately simulate changes in precipitation over mountain ranges. In fact, they do a poor job in general in simulating precipitation changes. CCC has the solution for predicting future changes in mountain snowpack that also circumvents large year-to-year changes in snowpack due to weather. We offer the answer to how mountain snow will change in the future using techniques derived from our +20 years in researching changes in snow and ice. 


United Nations, Federal and State climate assessment reports are designed for the scope of the reporting agency. Nevertheless, even state-level reports are still basically distillations and downscaling of federal to international reports. This makes such reports of minimal use for regional to local policy makers and industries. On the other hand, CCC starts with a bottom-up approach to develop answers to your questions about the future of your community or industry. We utilize local records of climate change first and then scale upwards towards the answers you require. This novel service provides you with the information you need to successfully plan for your community's or industry's future in this uncertain world. 


Founder and President Dr. Anders Eskil Carlson is an expert in past, present and future glacier and snow change. He has held professorships at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Oregon State University where he conducted government-funded research on past to future changes in glaciers and snow and led international research groups. His research is widely featured in international- to federal-level climate assessments. He now brings this expertise and knowledge to the private sector to help plan for the future and save this crucial resource he loves. More information about Dr. Carlson is available here:

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